Powder Coating

Our state of the art facility produces zero VOC's. Don't settle for second-rate powder coating or low quality pant substitutes. We have a high regard for quality and customer service. We also offer quick turnarounds for most powder coating jobs.
Powder Coating is a technique that uses an electrostatic powder gun that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. After this powder is applied, it goes into an oven at 400 degrees and is "baked on". The object when heated makes the powder melt into a smooth finish, and is then cooled to form a hard coating. Powder coating is also used in the industrial and residential market as well. Coating parts like fan blades, racks, carts, steel pallets, pallet racks, gates, and hand rails.

Custom Powder Coating

We offer two-tone custom powder coating for wheels, gliders, chairs, signs and other projects. If you want something special, we can give it to you. We are equipped with the best powder coating gun money can buy, our gun is rated at 150,000 KVA to provide the needed electricity to get powder in those hard to reach areas and sprays effectively and efficiently.

Our Equipment and Setup

Our oven and spray booth are superior to the competitor. We can cook parts as long as 25 feet. Our shop features a full filtered oven and spray booth. When we bought our equipment we bought the best money could buy, but we didn't stop there. We had our supplier add full filtered doors to our spray booth completely eliminates any dust or other contaminates from entering our spray booth. Most of the competitors don't have this feature. Our oven is one of the few to odder a full filtered system, when we installed the oven i noticed that the oven pulled in air from the shop, as it is a gas oven it pulls shop air in and cycles it through the oven and then the air is exhausted out of the shop. This was a problem because because shop air is dusty and dirty air will contaminate the finish on the parts. To fix this problem we had our HVAC guy build a filter box around the ovens burner, this aloud us to put four 24 inch by 30 inch filters in the box. This has proven to be a good investment because these filters only last a month and have the be changed. We believe in the highest quality therefore you have to have the best equipment.

Powder Coating Services

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Auto Parts
  • Wheels
  • Patio Furniture
  • Wrought Iron
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Industrial Parts / Equipment
  • Commercial Parts / Equipment
  • Chassis

Custom Powder Coating

If it can be powder coated we can find a way to do it. Just give us a call to see what we can do for you.