About Us

Vinemont Welding and Fabrication, LLC is an Alabama Limited Liability company, with its principal office located in Vinemont, Alabama. Mr. Jeremy Harbison leads the management team with over 13 years of experience in the iron-working industry.

We plan to become a competitive force in North Alabama by providing welding services to 3 key markets: Commercial, Agricultural, and Private sectors. We serve areas including CullmanFalkville, Decatur, Hanceville and Hartselle, AL.

The company's overall strategy will focus on providing in-shop welding, fabrication, media blasting, and powder coating as well as portable welding services to the markets previously mentioned.

Services in the weld shop will include but not be limited to ornamental iron fabrication, custom fab work, trailer repair, and handrail, guardrail and gate builds. Portable welding services will target all three key markets offering on-site welding and equipment repair.